Now, this gif always annoys me, because it shows up on my dash with comments like “omg this is the sexiest thing eva” and “men in suits hhhHHH” which is fair enough.
But this gif is a very poor example of a sexily suited man. His jacket is extremely ill fitted, as if it were made for a man four sizes up from him. His tie is crooked, too tight, and mis-lengthened. His shirt’s collar is the wrong size for him, and the way he buttons it makes it look as if he’s never done it before.
Here, ladies and gents, is how it is done.

This makes me extremely happy. God bless you correct suit man.

What always kills me is that he stands at parade rest at the end of gif two i’m just
god damn it
such class.

*breathes heavily*

Wow. The art of the suit. Who wouldve thought.
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~   SA. texts from him. (via chdns)

I reached the july 4th. But it was like that. 😔 will never get complete closure or admittance.

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Always know where u are.
Never close always far.
Weather let’s me know there’s a change season to season.
Avoiding you has been the hardest feeling.
Remember me when u’re old and remember me now for I hope I am the hardest person for you to be leaving.

maybe i should be a writer

My mom and i laughed so hard she almost peed. I love these moments with my mom. We have this connection and we just keep talking along and she gets me. And we’re sometimes like two old women who went thro hell and are the best of friends


Photography by Elise Kammerer
beautiful beautiful sharpness, lighting, contrast, variation. 
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July 13, 2014. Wanted to try this out
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Dress: 1950’s vintage floral dress 
Kendro, 21, ChicagoSubmitted by: http://queendro-supremedro.tumblr.com/Photographed by: Illavision 

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Paris, 2012

An awkward photo but I still like it, I loved the sun at that time.
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Flower brides
Photo : Camille Collin
Style : Diane Cabasse
Floral creations : Pétrichor
Hair and Make up : Stéphanie Clerc
Model: Dayana Reeves

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It’s not so bad, my darling. Being dead. It’s like being alive, only colder. Things taste less. They feel less. You forget, little by little, who you were. - Catherynne M. Valente


Exact feeling
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أنا مع خنافر العيد السعيدة إلي أشكره تقول في أحد عطاني عيدية 🌝💸✨
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Yes.     Itendto
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Canvas  by  andbamnan